Chia-lun Liu

PhD student

Dept of Experimental Psychology
South Parks Road

Phone:    (01865) 271302
Fax:         (01865) 310447
Email:    chia-lun.liu <at>

Curriculum Vitae
I received my B.Sc. in Psychology in 2008 from National Cheng-Chi University and M.Sc. in Neuroscience from National Yang-Ming University in 2010. I started my DPhil at the ACC lab in October 2013.

My research interest lies in mental flexibility. In my master’s study in Taiwan I focused on spatial regularity in visual search task and the flexibility of inhibition in the oculomotor system. My DPhil project will investigate how hierarchical control modulates the task switching process and its possible neural mechanism. In addition to studying trial-to-trial transitions of task switching, broader contexts of task switching have received considerable attention recently. For example, high level influences, such as knowledge regarding the predictability of sequence or strategies used by subjects, might affect the way of individual task is performed. Therefore, these high level influences have been collectively termed hierarchical control. I hope this study could improve our knowledge of task switching in a hierarchical control structure but also advance theories about executive control of planning.

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Liu, C.L., Tseng, P., Chiau, H.Y., Liang, W.K., Hung, D.L., Tzeng, O.J.L., Muggleton, N.G., & Juan, C.H. (2011). The location probability effects of saccade reaction times are modulated in the Frontal Eye Fields but not in the Supplementary Eye Field. Cerebral Cortex, 21(6), 1416-1425.

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