We’re constantly running experiments, which means that we are constantly looking for participants like you! Give us few hours of you time and get paid for it. Our pay rate is around 10£/hour. Your participation is completely voluntary and your anonymity is guaranteed.

What are the experiments?
We’re currently running EEG (brainwave) experiments in the Dept of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, recording electrical activity in the brain as people perform simple attention tasks. We use these experiments to learn more about the processes of perception and attention; in particular, how the brain adapts to changing circumstances.

What do the experiments involve?
Our experiments last about 1.5 hours. The first 30 minutes of each experiment are used to get you set up for the EEG recordings: we put a fabric cap with electrodes on your head, then use a small amount of gel into each electrode in order to create a connection. (The gel is easily rinsed from your hair at the end of the experiment.)

The actual experiment usually lasts about an hour. It involves responding to stimuli presented on a computer screen by pressing buttons on a response box. We will measure the electric activity of your brain as you perform these tasks. (We will be able to tell you more about the precise purpose of the experiment after you’ve completed it.) You will be paid £10 per hour for participating.

Who can participate?
To participate, you must be:
• Aged between 18-35 yrs
• Right handed
• Not currently be taking any psychoactive medications (e.g. antidepressants)

What next?
If you meet these requirements and would like to participate, please email us or fill in this form.

We will schedule a time for you to come in.